The End of Fake Art

Swiss-owned company Artentika patents technology against art fraud. In a major step to end counterfeit art, Artentika (Pty) Ltd, a South African start-up controlled by Swiss interests, announces that it has just filed for patents on two ground-breaking technologies developed to determine whether an objet d'art is authentic. According to Artentika's CEO, Albertus Geldenhuys, "our inventions use either quantum technology or DNA, combined with other techniques, to produce a composite rendering of the work. The artist's interaction with his or her tools and materials yields a distinctive 'fingerprint'; when the molecular composition of the materials is added, one obtains a unique, multi-factor 'artomatrix™’ that is impossible to replicate." Geldenhuys and his team have decades of experience of fingerprint biometrics in large forensic systems and access control installations, having deployed them both in third-world and high-tech environments. “Thanks to our unique ability to extract useful data from virtually undetectable fingerprints, FIFA - via an associate company – chose us to install a fingerprint access control system at its Zurich head office.” [...]