Invented by CEO Albertus Geldenhuys, Artentika is the only company worldwide to have been granted a United States Patent for art authentication technology. It covers “Digital data minutiae processing for the analysis of cultural artefacts” and is valid until 17.01.2039. The patent is a very valuable asset, amongst others because the USA represents nearly half of the world art market. The main competitive advantages provided by our patent in the global cultural preservation ​market may be summarised as below. We reiterate that our digital analysis of a work is examined by an expert on the artist before any report is issued.


Novel and Innovative Technology

The patent’s unique method for processing digital data minutiae offers a revolutionary approach to artifact analysis and authentication, providing a level of accuracy and precision that is unmatched by conventional methods.

Enhanced Artifact Analysis and Authentication 

The patent’s technology enables the extraction of meaningful features and information from cultural artifacts, leading to improved authentication, classification, and preservation outcomes. 

Proactive Artifact Conservation

By monitoring artifact condition over time, the patent’s technology allows for proactive conservation measures, preventing deterioration and ensuring the long-term preservation of cultural heritage.

Broad Applicability across Artifact Types 

The patent’s technology is applicable to a wide range of cultural artifacts, from paintings and sculptures to pottery and manuscripts, making it a versatile tool for cultural heritage institutions. 

Potential for Integration with Existing Systems 

The patent’s technology can be integrated with existing artifact management and preservation systems, enhancing their capabilities and providing a comprehensive solution for cultural heritage institutions. 

Unmatched Competitive Landscape

The patent’s unique approach and superior results position it as a leading technology in the cultural preservation market, providing a competitive edge over existing solutions. 

Potential for Licensing and Revenue Generation 

The patent’s value extends beyond its direct application, offering opportunities for licensing to software developers and service providers in the cultural heritage sector. 

Contribution to Cultural Heritage Preservation 

The patent’s technology holds the potential to revolutionize the way we preserve and understand our cultural heritage, making a significant impact on the entire field.