Artentika Art Management App

AAMA is a comprehensive smartphone application that offers a suite of integrated tools for safe art management. It provides art owners and stakeholders with a robust, streamlined framework for documenting, tracking, and safeguarding their valuable assets. Its integration of authentication, verification, tracking, and sharing features establishes a secure, all-in-one art management solution. AAMA is compatible with Android and iOS, with expanded support planned for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.​

The app’s backend possesses a robust one-to-many identification capability. This feature enables the system to cross-reference all incoming image submissions against the entirety of its existing database. This allows AAMA to determine whether an artwork has been previously registered, either by another user or within a different context. Results will be shared with relevant parties.

Key Features:

  • Authentication: Clients securely submit artwork images and documentation directly through the app, initiating the authentication process. Further communication occurs directly between the client and Artentika through an encrypted channel for enhanced security.
  • Verification, Curation, & Conservation: AAMA provides an automated workflow for these services, requiring minimal human intervention. Clients upload photographs and relevant artwork details (artist, medium, dimensions) and receive immediate feedback.
  • One2One™ Verification: This proprietary software enables automatic comparison of successive artwork scans. It detects the minutest discrepancies between two photos of an artwork, down to a single leaf in a forest. A verifiable, time-stamped historical record is created, facilitating the identification of any modifications to the artwork over time. This robust tracking is valuable in both stationary and in-transit scenarios.
  • Collaboration: AAMA offers seamless scan sharing among users, fostering collaboration and enriching art appreciation within selected networks.

Figure 1: Home Page


Figure 2: Adding a Work I


Figure 3: Adding a Work II


Figure 4: Viewing an Object


Figure 5: Comparison Result


Figure 6: Scan History


Figure 7: Reference Image

Date: 10-02-2023
Device: iPhone 13


Figure 8: Image with Discrepancy

Date: 22-02-2024  
Device: OnePlus 8


Figure 9: Zoom of Discrepancy