Your Partner in Art Litigation

In the complex world of art law, where authenticity, ownership disputes, copyright claims, and restitution cases hinge upon in-depth analysis, Artentika provides a science-driven solution validated by leading art connoisseurs:

  • Cutting-Edge Analysis: We leverage state-of-the-art imaging and materials analysis techniques, surpassing the capabilities of traditional human inspection. This unveils subtle anomalies, traces of restoration, and inconsistencies potentially indicative of forgery or damage.
  • AI-Powered Insights: Our artificial intelligence algorithms process vast amounts of data, recognizing patterns and identifying potential signs of concern overlooked by the naked eye.
  • The Human Touch: No technology replaces the discerning eye and profound knowledge of an art expert. That is why every Artentika analysis undergoes rigorous line-by-line validation by an art connoisseur specializing in the relevant artist.
  • Dual Assurance: When a work passes our combined technological and human authentication process, the results culminate in a co-signed report by both the art expert and our Chief Scientist. This level of verifiable evidence instils unparalleled confidence.

Benefits for Law Firms:

  • Unimpeachable Authenticity Assessment: Support or challenge artwork provenance with a compelling blend of AI-driven evidence and expert authentication. Fortify restitution claims or defend against them with irrefutable documentation of an artwork’s origins.
  • Precise Damage Evaluation: Assess the extent of damage, detect restoration attempts, and quantify claims in an objective, scientifically verifiable manner.
  • Strengthen Arguments with Incontrovertible Documentation: Our comprehensive reports substantiate your claims regarding infringement, fair use rights, and rightful ownership in copyright disputes. Support historical arguments about an artwork’s origins for complex restitution cases.
  • Risk Mitigation Through Due Diligence: Proactively identify potential vulnerabilities related to the authenticity or state of an artwork, safeguarding your clients’ substantial investments.

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