Auction Houses

Artentika’s smartphone-driven verification offers auction houses a powerful edge: 

  • Seamless Process: Consignor and auctioneer easily document artwork condition with photos, providing verifiable records across the sales chain. 
  • Risk Mitigation: Detect potential discrepancies upon intake, improving item transparency and minimizing post-sale disputes.
  • Buyer Confidence: Blockchain integration reinforces provenance documentation, strengthening the case for the artwork’s long-term value.
  • Cost-Effective & Scalable: Artentika’s streamlined solution blends ease of use with affordability, allowing for routine deployment across your collection v​olume.
  • Potential Revenue Gain: Reposition authentication from an expense to a value-added service. Millennials and Gen Z buyers are attracted by technology and will gravitate to your offerings, thus boosting sales potential.


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