The Artentika art authentication service is utilized to determine the genuineness and attribution of artworks. We utilize Artificial Intelligence for a prelimenary assessment and — if further investigation is warranted — a leading expert on the particular artist is enlisted.

The Artentika Process

1  Effortless Photo Submission

Take a high-quality photo of your artwork using a standard camera or our intuitive Artentika Art Management App. The app simplifies the process, automatically uploading your image and offering guidance on photo quality. Our system instantly assesses your photo’s suitability for our analysis, providing immediate feedback.


2  AI-Powered Preliminary Analysis

Once your photo is approved, it is subjected to our cutting-edge AI analysis. This stage efficiently determines whether a comprehensive investigation is justified.


3  Quotation for Further Investigation

Should our AI findings suggest deeper scrutiny is warranted, we shall submit a detailed quotation specifying the scope of the proposed investigation. You always have the choice to proceed or not.


4  Comprehensive, Global Authentication

Our specialists will meticulously examine your artwork in person, regardless of its location. State-of-the-art, non-invasive scanners are employed to uncover subtle details required to confirm genuineness. Our scientific authentication report is reviewed by an internationally recognized authority on the relevant artist. The final report is co-signed by the expert and Artentika. Finally, you receive a tamper-proof certificate documenting whether your artwork is authentic or not.


The Artentika Advantage


We offer clear communication, cost transparency, and flexibility at every stage. Our proprietary methodology allows for efficient, automated photo pre-assessment, followed by an in-depth authentication process if warranted. Wherever your artwork resides, on-site technical examination combined with expert scrutiny create a world-class standard of rigour.

Ready to get your artwork authenticated?