The Artentika Collection

Artentika has secured the funding to acquire a number of investment artworks. In the short term, these works will showcase our capabilities, whether it be in art connoisseurship, art technology or in art and finance. The long term aim is to create a top collection to be exhibited at museums and online in Artentika’s virtual gallery.

Contact us if you have works for sale with a market value of up to $2 million.

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Bespoke Virtual Museums & Galleries for Collectors


Shortly, you will be able to visit the Artentika virtual gallery and experience its powerful capabilities. Do you have objets d’art that you wish to exhibit online in an immersive space designed to show them to a worldwide audience 24/7? Your museum or gallery can be designed in any style and in the layout of your choosing, from Baroque to futuristic. Visitors will be taken on a guided tour and you will receive full metrics. If you wish, a digital copy or NFT of your work may be offered for sale.